Helping Canadians get timely, relevant health care that fits their lives is our focus. And one way we do that is by building relationships with our manufacturer partners.

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Helping Canadians get timely, relevant health care that fits their lives is our focus. And one way we do that is by building relationships with our manufacturer partners.

Tactical Handshake Our Commitment


Our approach to partnering with manufacturers is simple: work collaboratively; plan and execute flawlessly; be transparent; use innovative tools and data; think long term.

Tactical Diploma Therapeutic Expertise


From chronic diseases to life threatening illnesses, our experience is varied and deep.

Tactical Chart Success


With consistent client satisfaction ratings of over 90%, we know what it takes to deliver excellence in specialty care.

Drugs and Services Pharma Services


Discover more about the range of services Specialty Health Network offers to Canadians across the country.

Our Commitment to Service

It’s not just about putting in the hours to deliver a Patient Support Program (PSP) It’s about putting in the thought, research, care, and flexibility required to create a successful PSP that works best for patients and prescribers.

At Specialty Health Network, A Commitment to Our Clients Means:

  • Working collaboratively to understand patient and prescriber needs
  • Planning and developing solutions that are tailored to those needs
  • Being flexible in catering to our clients: scaling up or customizing programs to deliver exactly what is required
  • Driving innovation and continuous improvement
  • Thinking long term for the entire medication and patient journey

Specialty is our Specialty

From orals to injections to infusions, Specialty Health Network knows specialty: thousands of Canadians rely on us to receive their specialty medicines.


With the reach of our Shoppers Drug Mart network, we filled over 100 million prescriptions for oral medications across Canada last year.

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Last year, we provided injection services to over 1.3 million patients in our clinics and pharmacies.

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Whether it’s a biologic or a biosimilar, we have the clinics, the staff, the training, and the national reach to serve your patient support program.

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Therapeutic Areas

It could be a chronic condition or a life-threatening disease. No matter what is facing patients and their loved ones, they deserve best-in-class support. Specialty Health Network works in a broad range of therapeutic areas to provide patients and caregivers with the support and reassurance they seek:

Allergy and Immunology







Rare Diseases



Women's Health


And more

A Record of Client Satisfaction

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our satisfaction ratings from clients. This includes a consistent rating of 90% or higher from manufacturers who have worked with us in the pulmonary hypertension category, among other therapeutic areas.


Frictionless Enrolment

Prescribers have enough to worry about and manage. Our frictionless enrolment simplifies the process and expedites a patient’s journey into a PSP.

Frictionless Enrolment

Simplifying the enrolment experience

Our team is here to ensure that patients have everything they need to get started: they are the friendly faces and voices that assure patients that help is never far away.

Customer Service

Our agents embrace our core principles: be authentic, be trustworthy, and make connections. We also provide multilingual services, and are available from 8am-8pm, Monday to Friday EST.

Customer Service

Confidential, caring and professional: we’re there for patients.

  • Specialty Health Network's Call Centre operates from 8 am to 8 pm EST, Monday to Friday
  • Whether it’s at home, in pharmacy, on the phone, or online, we reach out to patients where it’s most convenient for them
  • Multilingual Service Available, with access to live, on-demand, multilingual services for ease of communication in patient’s preferred language
  • 24-hour response, post-enrolment: patient is contacted within one business day of receipt of enrolment

Reimbursement Navigation

It takes persistence, patience and know-how to navigate the national reimbursement landscape. We know reimbursement –with over 20 successful years in the industry we have the expertise to get the job done.

Reimbursement Navigation

Our Goal: To ensure that every patient has timely access to therapy

  • The Specialty Health Network reimbursement team is well-versed in both the public and private payer landscape
  • Where others may give up or see barriers, the Specialty Health Network Reimbursement Team finds the optimal path to securing the coverage patients need.
  • Continuously working to make things easier for physicians and patients by: managing the entire patient journey; tailoring services to prescribers; and staying up to date on what’s new in the reimbursement world

Clinical Nursing Services

Ensuring our best clinical practice standards, our team of specialty-focused Nurses customize care to meet the unique needs of our patients.

Clinical Nursing Services

Our Nurses Make the Difference

  • Dedicated support to patients and their families
  • Customized services to meet the prescribing clinic and physician needs
  • Empathetic care for patients across the country, by phone, in person, in pharmacy or in clinic
  • Best practice standards to ensure quality care, for services such as: self-administration education, injection administration and infusion services

Specialty Care Clinics

Our clinics are designed for specialized patient support – with enhanced features and caring, trained staff.

Specialty Care Clinics

Clinics Designed for Specialized Patient Support

  • All clinics are staffed with specialty trained healthcare professionals and are equipped to handle infusion-related reactions and patients with complex conditions
  • Ability to scale up support network with Specialty Health Network partner clinics throughout Canada
  • Appointment scheduling and reminders ensure patients stay on track
  • Keeping physicians updated with infusion reports about their patient's progress

Specialty Pharmacy

Resourced to support nationwide specialty medication support. Our specialty trained pharmacists provide consultation, training, and ongoing support to patients.

Specialty Pharmacy

What Can Specialty Health Network Specialty Pharmacy Do for Your PSP?

  • Dispensing to patients nation-wide.
  • Pharmacists all have additional training in the medication management of patients receiving specialty medications.
  • The Pharmacy Team is trained in the shipping and handling of cold chain and ambient medications to ensure the intregity of the drug product.
  • Services to help make life easier for patients. Whether it’s free delivery of medication to patients, or refill reminders and adherence monitoring, or an after-hours pharmacist, we are focused on helping patients achieve desired health outcomes.

Did you know? Specialty Health Network has 400 infusion pumps available across Canada!

  • We carry both stationary and ambulatory pumps which enable nurses to infuse patient in their community and allow patients and caregivers to self-infuse their medications.
  • Our infusion pumps come complete with safety software designed to ensure the accurate delivery of medication everytime.

Wholesale and Distribution

Supported by a national supply chain, our wholesale and distribution network continuously strives to ensure timely access to all types of specialty medications.

Wholesale and Distribution

The largest self-distributing drug retailer in Canada, backed by the highest QA standards

  • Extensive Network Our national network supports 1350+ pharmacies across Canada, with five Rx services weekly
  • Distribution Centres across the country Our fully Good Manufacturing Practice-compliant distribution centres are located in Mississauga, Calgary, and Moncton, supplying all prescription products and OTC medications to all Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacies
  • Shipping and Handling We manage ambient and cold chain storage and delivery; same or next day shipping, with traceable shipment technology


Quality is paramount. We maintain high standards in compliance, industry, privacy and Health Canada regulations.


Safety is more than a goal for us – it’s a way of doing things right:

  • Demonstrating Quality Systems At Specialty Health Network, we believe that a compliant and comprehensive pharmacovigilance program is fundamental for the long-term success of a patient support program. Our pharmacovigilance systems are established on robust quality systems meeting both regulatory and client requirements.
  • Adverse Event Case Management At Specialty Health Network we understand what our clients need from pharmacovigilance Adverse Event (AE) data collection. We intake nearly 20,000 AEs per year and know the importance of good case management processes and timely reporting requirements.
  • Quality. Expertise. Trust. All Specialty Health Network staff directly performing pharmacovigilance activities are trained on applicable pharmacovigilance requirements as well as client specific requirements.

Reporting and Analytics

We design PSPs that work and provide key insights from launch through to steady-state.

Reporting and Analytics

Customized Data Insights

  • Planning for success Specialty Health Network works closely with manufacturers to understand their reporting needs before a program is implemented to help ensure data generated is easily mapped and tailored to their needs
  • Turning data into insights Specialty Health Network's dedicated analytics team delivers key program insights
  • Generating robust evidence With emerging emphasis and a focus on strong, robust clinical data, Specialty Health Network helps Manufacturers present influential real world evidence to their stakeholders