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Living with a chronic condition or a serious illness can be complicated. And that’s why we’re here – to make life a little easier when it’s at its most difficult.

Living with a chronic condition or a serious illness can be complicated. And that’s why we’re here – to make life a little easier when it’s at its most difficult.

How We Care

You, or someone you care for, may have a condition that requires extra help in managing. That can mean having someone help you take your medication, or it can mean finding assistance in covering the costs for it. We care by providing the support you need to make things easier for you. This support can include many things:
  • Answering questions patients may have about their specialty medicine
  • Helping patients secure the necessary coverage and financial assistance to access the treatment
  • Helping patients access training in their local pharmacy of choice or by coordinating virtual training to teach patients how to self-inject medication
  • Helping patients start a new medication and ensure that they stay on it for as long as instructed by a Health Care Professional


Perhaps you’ve just been told you need a new medication that requires an injection or infusion. Or maybe you are wondering if your insurance will cover the cost. Or, maybe you are looking for information about a medication and are wondering how it works.

For those reasons and more, Specialty Health Network by Shoppers™ is here. We’re here to help you through the questions and concerns you may have:

"I've just been prescribed this medication"

Your doctor may have already enroled you in a patient support program to help you through the process. Within 24 hours of enrolment, you will receive a welcome call from one of our care coordinators.

"Is this going to be covered by my insurance?"

Our dedicated team of reimbursement specialists will help you navigate your coverage, whether through private or provincial insurance.

"Can I just go to my local pharmacy?"

Depending on the type of medication that your doctor has prescribed, the Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacy in your community can fill your prescription and give you the advice and counselling that goes with it.

"I'm scared about injecting myself"

When it comes to self injection, it's never "do it yourself" right away. If your doctor has prescribed a medication that is taken by injection, an appointment with one of our participating pharmacists or nurses within our network will train you and show you how to inject your medication safely and confidently.

"My doctor said I need to do infusions"

Our experienced infusion nurses will attend to your needs, whether your infusion is taking place at home or in one of our clinics.

"I still have questions"

Anytime you have questions or concerns about anything related to your treatment, medication or condition, our nurses and care coordinators are here to help.

"Wait how often do I need to get this medication?"

Our network of participating nurses and pharmacists will help you understand how to take your medication and with refill reminders, we can alert you when it's time to refill your medication so you don't miss a dose.

"I'm feeling like I'm getting the hang of this now!"

That's great! But remember: anytime you need us, just give us a call.

My Centre of Excellence

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Clinic Features:

Fully staffed with experienced nurses in injection and infusion administration

Bright, spacious rooms to accommodate patients and caregivers

Free parking

Assistance with appointment reminders and obtaining physician reports

*Participating clinic locations will vary by program


A Patient Support Program (PSP) is designed to help people living with complex diseases or conditions who have been prescribed a specialty medication. Support can take many forms including helping you inject medications; helping you find financial support to help pay for your medication; answering questions you have about your condition or related medication.

No. You do not have to pay for any PSP services.

The support from a PSP is there for as long as you are on treatment. Take advantage of any of our support services and educational resources, whenever you have questions or require help.

Specialty Health Network's reimbursement specialists are highly trained, and knowledgable, when it comes to these details. They can help you find out what coverage you can obtain for your medication(s).

No. Specialty Health Network by Shoppers™ knows patients are busy and have active lives. Specialty Health Network by Shoppers™ coordinates all sorts of different options for you to obtain your medication, including picking up at your chosen local pharmacy at a time that’s convenient for you.

Each medication is supported by a different team of specialists. So it may not be possible for you to have the same PSP for a different specialty medication.

We will call you to learn a little more about you and how we can help as you begin your journey with a new treatment.

Absolutely! Specialty Health Network by Shoppers™ is committed to offering a choice to patients as to how they receive their medication through-pharmacies participating in our network. “Traditional” services like home delivery and at-home injection training are always available.